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My weekend routine

One a week cleaning I wipe the leaves clean once a week.The reason is to get rid of pride and also to protect the leaves from bug. I made a quick video of how I wipe, please take a look….


Which propagation gives the best result?

In this case, I have tried propagation of the syngonium in seven different ways. In fact, until now I have preferred propagation with Perlite or water, but after doing some research, I began to wonder if bluegrass would grow faster…


You will get what you see!

Botanisq found it very difficult to purchase plants from an online store.In fact, have you ever had the experience of having high expectations for a product based on the photos shown on the site, only to receive a completely different…

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Where should I cut the stems to propagate Philodendron Burle Marx Variegated?
When I wanted to propagate Philodendron barre marx variegated, I wondered where to cut the stems. It is relatively easy to propagate, so please watch the video and make sure you don't make a mistake where to cut.
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